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Rick Goldring
Mayor of Burlington
Outstanding Work

I would like to commend Josh Stern and his team for the outstanding work organizing the first Soccer 4 Heroes event in Burlington. It was a pleasure having the opportunity to attend this family event that supported two important causes, including The Josh Project and the Nelson Youth Centres. Our community is enriched by events that allow families to come together with our emergency service providers for a great cause, while raising awareness and funding for childhood mental heath.

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Staff Sergeant Chris Lawson
Halton Regional Police Services
Passion for the Community

As a Board member of Nelson Youth Centres it was a great pleasure to work with Josh and his staff at the Josh Project. Their passion for the community, and our organization, was inspiring and contagious. Their drive made “Soccer 4 Heroes” a wonderful success, and benefited our organization greatly. Thank you so much to everyone at The Josh Project, keep up the great work

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Eleanor McMahon
MPP for Burlington

Josh Stern is a crusader for at risk children and youth across our province. Through Hockey 4 Heroes and Soccer 4 Heroes he has partnered with organizations in my riding to build awareness and raise funds for important programming and facilities in our community. Not only is he an absolute pleasure to work with, his passion and dedication to the cause shines through in everything he does.  As someone who has turned personal struggles into positive action for others, Josh is a true inspiration. His level of integrity, work ethic, and project management skills set him apart. He cares about the big picture and achieves exceptional results by putting 100 per cent into every project he takes on. I wish him all the best as he works towards reaching his dream of building Marion’s Place.

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D. Sharma
Wise Demeanor

Joshua Stern is a unique, highly intelligent man who is unshakable in his passion, drive and dedication. He has a rare feline presence and his calm, wise demeanour is a reflection of the vast depth of introspection and inner work he has done to prepare himself in leading others. He seeks to inspire others to raise consciousness; he spreads love and charges the youth with the confidence to reach for the best in themselves and to spread this energy to others.

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Courtney Cunningham
Achieving Dreams

I recently met Joshua through a mutual acquaintance and colleague and from the get go I was extremely skeptical about “Life Coaches & Mentors”. Within our fist meeting I realized how wrong I was. Joshua has a sixth sense for life and his passion and love for others is unbelievable. It’s as if everyone he works with is his own child and he wants success for others as if it was his own. If you feel like you are not getting the most out of life Joshua Stern is whom you need to talk to. He helped me grow my business when I truly believed there was no room left for growth and more importantly he made me care about life in ways I didn’t know were possible. If you want to smile more and be closer to achieving your dreams, Josh is the only man I recommend.

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Susan Hay
Anchor/Producer of Making a Difference Global News

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Joshua Stern more than a year ago, when I profiled the “Josh Project" as part of my Making a Difference segment on Global News.

Joshua Stern, has gone through many personal challenges of his own, yet had the drive and determination to want to create something that would be life-changing to youth struggling to grow successfully into adults.

He speaks to young people today at their level with compassion and dedication making sure they feel his commitment to them.
I like to say my segment is all about “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” Joshua Stern, is certainly doing that!

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Channa Serenity Bromley
The Health Coach with The Holistic Approach

Josh inspired and motivated me months before I actually met him in person. I came across him and The Josh Project online and I really looked up to and admired him for his work and saw him as a great example of what I strive to be one day. Upon meeting him in person he is just as amazing and very real. He took the time to look at my business and talk to me heart to heart about where I am and where I want to go. He gave me insightful advice and tips on ways I can improve my business model. He reached out and connected me to others who could also assist me along my journey. I'm very appreciative and grateful for Josh. I look forward to continued learning, growing and helping others with Josh, The Josh Project and other affiliated avenues.


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Carey Missler
Film Producer
Great Foundation

Hi my name is Carey Missler and I'm a film producer from Kelowna, British Columbia. I had recently moved to the Toronto Area in December 2013 to expand my digital film agency DCD Productions. I was then told from a good friend I needed to meet Josh. Not only did Josh help expand my business through mentoring as well as networking, but he is also a great guy with a great foundation. I look forward to working with Joshua and his organization for as long as possible!

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Shelter Manager Horizon’s Youth Shelter
Selfless Dedication

The goal of Horizons for Youth is to go beyond our mandate of providing emergency accommodations to the youth we serve by implementing programs that accelerate a youth’s successful transition out of the shelter system. Joshua’s program serves just such a purpose, and we are grateful for his selfless dedication.

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Raina Krangle
Elementary Teacher and parent
Mission to Influence

Josh is amazing talking to teenagers and at risk youth. He has a way of getting into their minds and calling them on stuff many of these kids will try to get away with. His no-nonsense approach, really engages these kids to think about their actions and consider alternative behaviours for alternative outcomes. Josh’s intervention is effective in a stricter and harsher way that counselors typically are not. As someone who has been there and seen the outcomes of poor choices, Josh really cares deeply about youth and makes it his mission to truly influence kids to reconsider their actions. As a teacher and parent, Josh has provided thought provoking words not only for the at risk youth but for the adults working with these children. He would serve as a great first line of defense in prevention and be a great asset to any individual or organization wanting to make a difference in a young person’s life.

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Jimmy Tobin
Program Coordinator Horizon’s Youth Shelter
A Great Listener

The youth we serve can be reluctant to divulge their stories to staff, a product of painful experiences with adults. Joshua’s ability to assuage this pain – a direct result of the compassion and authenticity of his efforts – has allowed a number of the youth to share, to heal, and move purposefully toward success.

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Roy Green
Host: Roy Green Show, 
Syndicated nationally on the Corus Radio Network
Addressing Critical Issue

After hearing wrenching on air personal stories of bullying at school, it was greatly encouraging to have Joshua Stern detail for listeners how his programs are so effectively addressing this critical issue. Joshua was very well received.

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Peter Shurman
MPP Thornhill
Determination and Passion

I have been fortunate to have known Joshua for a long time and I’ve seen him rise to be the man and father he is today. As you read his book you will be shaking your head in disbelief. You could never imagine this happening to a young child from within our society. His determination and passion for helping today’s youth is remarkable and unmatched as far as I’ve seen. You will not put this incredible book down.

True Advocate

Joshua Stern is a true advocate for the children and youth of our communities! His real-life experiences and passion for child and youth development make him a great spokesperson for our agency and our kids. We are truly fortunate to have Josh on our team as we work together to spread the “Mentoring Movement” and put an end to Bullying and Youth Crime.