Our Dream

Marion’s Place is The Josh Projects true gem. Since our inception it has always been the plan moving forward. Our vision with Marion’s Place is to create a Recreation/Community centre that can be accessed 24/7 by all youth in the community.

With Marion’s place we will be able to address and prevent specific problems faced by youth/children by operating a supervised centre that provides structured programs directed towards resolving emotional issues, anger management, conflict resolution, substance abuse, bullying and communication skills. We will also operate an assessment and counselling centre for children, youth and parents dealing with behaviour management issues.

Building Hope

By supporting The Josh Project and any of our ventures you will literally watch an incredible change begin. We are dedicated to donating as much as 50% of our earnings to building a better community and a safer environment for all. Wouldn’t it be great to know that the money you donate is actually going towards your community and making your world a better place to be!? If you prefer, there will also be opportunities to support Marion’s Place in other ways such as volunteering, charitable work, fundraising, etc.

Here’s How You Can Help

In the end if we could create an environment where kids are free to explore and learn without prejudice or restraints, we are only doing future generations and ourselves a great service. Remember a time when one parent or a group of parents would work out a system where they would entertain or be responsible for the children afterschool until the other parents could return from work, or running errands? That was called community, and it did wonders in the past. I would like to bring that feeling and memory back only on a larger scale. The more we all lend a hand, the better it could be. I think we could all do with a little less teenage crime, drama, death, and substance abuse, don’t you? These children aren’t bad, and they aren’t evil, they are lost, scared, and alone. Let’s give them a better chance, let’s give them a better future, and let’s give them Marion’s Place.