We’re on a mission

The Joshua Project Foundation aka The Josh Project is dedicated and committed to improving the lives of as many At-Risk & Homeless Youth as possible. It is our mission to see that all children grow to become successful adults. The Josh Project is an organization that has been setup to help enable these goals and to help bring Marion’s Place (See Heading on Website) to fruition. At The Josh Project we hope to create more awareness, assist with prevention, and finally, initiate change for current and potential At-Risk Youth.

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Our Main Objective

The main focus of The Josh Project is to combat the many hurdles today’s youth inevitably encounter, as well as to shed some light on societies immediate willingness to accept that so many of todays youth are suffering from a mental disorder. We must find a better way than instantly putting them on prescription drugs, or tossing them to the side and labeling them as outcasts or “bad seeds”.

Without the proper medical evidence to back up such claims, nobody should be diagnosed or dismissed so simply. We believe it’s this attitude that creates a world where teen suicide is continuing to grow at alarming rates. Nobody should be too afraid to admit that we all struggle with life sometimes, and nobody should be made to feel that his or her emotions are insignificant or unimportant, no matter the age or situation.

Your Support Is Needed

The Josh Project has created the Hockey 4 Heroes and Soccer 4 Heroes fundraisers in an attempt to create awareness and raise as much money as possible to increase programming and facilities across Ontario. After school mentoring and activity programs are first and foremost on the “wish” list, as well as the creation of Marion’s Place. Secondly, The Josh Project would like to be an assistant to any other group, organization, facility, or individuals, which have also taken up the fight for At-Risk Youth.

As always we need as much support from the community and individuals as possible, and all donations will be tax deductible as well as we are setting up a system so each supporter can specifically see how their donations are being put to use.

We at The Josh Project believe that the biggest change begins with something as simple as communication. Just by talking about it more we automatically create change.

Thank you for your time, and I truly believe that if we all put in a tiny amount of effort, we can make a significant impact in the lives of many kids that so desperately need it.

Let’s support our youth

In order to make Marion’s Place a reality, we will need your help!